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Terms and conditions to which you agree to hire the services of Sunset Travel ltd Travel Advisors, upon completion of reading form and acknowledging the binding agreement between parties


Please be aware that Travel Advisors will advise of current travel risks, but that it is also your duty as a consumer to be aware of current advisories on travel by clicking the Government of Canada link enclosed https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/advisories

Please be aware that as Travel Advisors we will advise on mandatory VISAS required to travel to specific destinations. It is up to the client to follow thru on the advice given at time of booking. Know it is not our responsibility to issue VISAS , but the responsibility of the client to follow up and get those themselves, all we can is guide to businesses that can provide that service in question https://cibtvisas.ca/

Please be aware we offer and sell Manulife Travel Insurance in the offices of the Associates involve. By agreeing to the terms and conditions you are also agreeing that you understand we always recommend travel insurance at time of deposit or in worse cases before departure takes place. We can only sell insurance in SK. If you live in other provinces please be aware there is another protocol to follow for that. You acknowledge this and will be truthful with your Travel Advisor as to your current living location as to not violate the rules from Insurance Licenses of SK council

Please be aware on how as Travel Advisors we will discuss potential impact or hazardous hotels in question to prevent you from an unwanted experience, to keep you from having an inferior experience we will/may recommend other options for your consideration. Keeping in mind it is ultimately your choice to make. You will not hold your Travel Advisor liable for not warning you of a potential risks involved

Legally Required Disclosures

Please be aware as Travel Advisors are also ticket agents. Selling air only tickets thru a third party supplier also referred to as consolidators which we can get pricing at better rates that online booking agencies

Please be aware of the hazardous material not allowed on the planes,it is your responsibility to know what those are and the best way is to read this article enclosed and know before you go, these will included insecticides, aerosol cans


Provisions that clarify my role as a Travel Advisor

Please be aware that my role as a Travel advisor is being the middle man as a booking agent for the consolidators or suppliers. We are not affiliated with any host agencies, we are independent to retail outlets (brick and mortar businesses)

Please be aware I have the fiduciary duty to the suppliers or consolidators, so a credit card authorization form will be mandatory for every booking confirm. This credit card form will be provided to you via email or print out if desired. This form will need to be sent back to us with full confidentiality

Please be aware I have the duty of care to you as a client. Our core business is to take care of our clients. It is our duty to disclose the supplier being used for specific booking, so that clients are aware of the merchant name on their credit card statements

Please be aware my role as your advocate is to find the best possible fare or the best possible travel plans specified by your needs at time of disclosure in our original intake call.

Please be aware that each supplier / consolidator have their own terms and conditions and these will be provided to you for full disclosure at time of booking

Disclaimer of liability

Please be aware that as a Travel Advisor, we are not to be held responsible for what the supplier or consolidator does to lead to lawsuit

Please be aware we are not responsible for supplier/consolidator going into bankruptcy

Please be aware we are not responsible for FTC (future travel credits) or refunds policies outlined by each supplier. Each supplier/consolidator has their own terms and conditions and that information will be provided to you in every booking confirm so you are aware of what each has to offer

Force Majeure language

Please be aware that this is “an act of God”, that these are unforeseen and unpredictable which means out of our control such as , floods, fires, hurricanes ,pandemics.

Please be aware that each supplier/consolidator has their own terms and conditions for force majeure. These will be provided to you via a direct link to supplier

If all this works for you, I will require your acknowledgement that you understand the terms and conditions on hiring Sunset Travel Ltd Travel Advisors to help you plan your magical trip

You can also find these terms and conditions on our company website under “Terms and Conditions” tab

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